“Kit Rice, a BRIT School graduate is fast becoming one of the most exciting vocalists and songwriters to emerge from the UK’s music landscape.”

And now you can download 2 of his hit tracks for free!

“Kit’s infectious and exquisitely written songs were delivered with enthusiasm and a sense of quiet confidence that captivated the room.Definitely one to watch! ” Tony Moore

“Musically sophisticated, soulful, and ridiculously catchy. Kit’s voice is magnificent to listen to, making an all-round excellent record.” FWD Music 


“Kit manages to blend his funk, soul and hip-hop influences effortlessly and executes it with a fresh attitude. His writing is lyrically intelligent, powerfully catchy and will make you get up and dance!” Music Week

This track is the perfect introduction to anyone that does not know who Kit Rice is. From beginning to end it is filled with high octane drops and dips. For 3 minutes you are taken on a roller-coaster ride of musical genres, how one song alone can mould everything from funk, jazz, soul, rock and hip hop is itself no mean feat.

Edgy, original and completely outrageous, Freek is at the forefront of fresh-faced and forward thinking Drum and Bass

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